The Chefs de Cuisine Association of San Diego

Serving the San Diego Culinary Community Since 1961


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Meet top chefs in San Diego and Baja, Mexico,.Help organize and participate in Chefs De Cuisine sponsored events. Attend free or discounted wine and beer tastings, Chef demos, culinary technique sessions and food and beverage related tours.

  • Have a Passion for Food and Beverages?
  • Binge on Cooking Shows, New Recipes, Food and Wine Festivals?
  • Crave Professional Demos of State-of-the-Art Culinary Techniques?
  • Want Access to Special Events at Local Eateries, Wineries & Breweries?
  • Eager to Learn Kitchen Secrets from Top San Diego Chefs?

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Kitchen Crazy? You Are Not Alone

Working in the food industry can make us a little crazy. We often work long hours for low wages and always on nights and weekends and holidays under stressful conditions. Our world gets compressed into our work and it is easy to feel like we are in a rut...

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Why We Are Here

The Chefs de Cuisine Association of San Diego wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible contributions of it’s dedicated members and supporters. 

Thanks to everyone who’s put their heart and their energy into this organization!

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