GiveWrite Greeting Cards are a great way to raise funds to support our education foundation. Greeting cards are a wonderful way to thank, recognize, and brighten someone’s day, and the unique greeting cards are not just extremely affordable, but $1.00 of the $3.79 purchase price of each card will go directly to our education foundation!

You can purchase and send personalized greeting cards from your smart phone, tablet, or computer. No more trips to the store and post office to send a heartfelt greeting.

You can choose or customize greeting cards for all occasions, plus order photo cards, photo postcards, holiday cards, boxed sets, and more. You can now gift the Entertainment Card with your Greeting Card purchase.

You can designate $11 from the $24 cost of a Greeting Card and Entertainment Card to our Education Foundation. The Entertainment Card is the perfect national products and services card. That keeps on giving for one year.

Visit our site at to order your greeting cards today, and every day! Pass the link along to your friends and family so we can optimize our funding capabilities.

Donations will be used by the Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation of San Diego to provide a multitude of opportunities; scholarships, community access to programs promoting healthy food choices, educational field trips for students, supplies like knives and uniforms, and ongoing ACF Trainings and Certifications.