Take 16 CEHs Every Year to Recertify!
Certified culinarians and chefs need to plan ahead regarding their educational goals so that timing and funding can be budgeted accordingly. Goals should be shared with your employer who may consider offering or paying for professional development. Take 16 CEHs every year to achieve your educational goals faster and make recertification easier.

Quick Guide

Policies, Applications, Resources

Recertification Application
Includes policy and fees

Lifetime Policy & Application
Qualifications: age 62; fully retired and age 55; or fully disabled

Value of Certification
Talking points about the value of an accredited certification program

Designated Usage Policy
Proper use of your credentials

Brand You
Marketing your credentials

Recertification Fees
Member and non-member fees

Recertification Assistance Policy & Application
Certified members experiencing a financial hardship

List of ACF Approved CEHs
Which CEHs qualify?

Take 16 CEHs Every Year
How to budget your time and money

CEH Tracking Program
Certified Members: submit CEHs to your profile as you earn them

Recertification after Expiry Policy
Learn how to recertify within 3 years of expiration

Recertify up to one year ahead but not later than your recertification deadline:
⦁ Step 1, Complete Application
⦁ Step 2, Provide CEH Documentation
⦁ Step 3, Provide Payment

Required CEHs & Documentation
All hours must be documented within 5 years with name of attendee, program, and sponsoring company, date of attendance, and number of CEHs earned. If any of this information is not included, please provide a copy of the program or other supporting documents.
⦁ For CC® and CPC® – 48 CEHs within 3 years
⦁ For all other levels – 80 CEHs within 5 years
CEH Opportunities
Classes, seminars & refreshers
Total CEHs must include an 8-hour refresher in safety and sanitation every time. (State issued sanitation card or ServSafe will count as this requirement.) Nutrition and supervision refreshers (minimum of 8 hours each) are due only on the first recertification.

Why is Re-Certification Required?

The purpose of recertification is to enhance the continued competence and to reaffirm knowledge in food safety and sanitation, nutrition, and supervisory management. Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) are provided for learning experiences that enhance the knowledge and skill development of culinary arts professionals. For CC® and CPC®, who have an accelerated learning curve, there is a three-year recertification cycle. For all other levels, the recertification timeframe is every five years. As the culinary industry focuses on core knowledge and skills and is not directly tied to fast-changing technological advances, a five-year recertification timeframe was deemed appropriate for chefs.

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