$45.00 / year

  • Any person of the non-food professional community that has a passion for the culinary arts
  • Local Membership
  • Educational Seminars
  • Discounts at Events and Dinners
  • Networking with Chefs, Purveyors, Industry Professionals
  • Chapter Involvement at Committee Level



Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Culinary Enthusiast?

Culinary Enthusiast is a membership category within the Chefs De Cuisine Association of San Diego and exists for culinary nonprofessionals with a passion for food, a desire to have fun and a wiliness to work on Association-sponsored community projects.

What is the cost of a Chefs de Cuisine Culinary Enthusiast membership?

The current cost of a Culinary Enthusiast membership is $45 per year.

What are the benefits of a Culinary Enthusiast membership?

The Culinary Enthusiast membership:

  • covers local membership to the Chefs de Cuisine Association of San Diego
  • Free or discounted attendance at culinary educational seminars, special events and organized tours and excursions.
  • Networking opportunities with chefs, purveyors and other industry professionals.
  • Chapter involvement at the committee level
  • The ability to be appointed to the board of directors of the Chefs De Cuisine Association of San Diego Educational Foundation, Inc. and to serve on a variety of foundation and Association related projects.
  • What are the discounted events included with the Culinary Enthusiasts membership?
  • Discounts are offered for meals served at regular Association meetings, for all education seminars and programs offered by the Association or the Foundation, for major annual events like the Chef of the Year awards Dinner, regularly scheduled food and beverage events held at various local venues and for planned culinary excursions.

What is the difference between the Chefs De Cuisine Association and the Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation?

The Association and the Foundation separate and independent organizations financially and administratively, but are sister organizations that work together on projects and try to speak with one voice on issues and industry concerns.

The Association is 501 (C) 6 nonprofit organization that exists for the benefit of its members.

The Education Foundation 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation registered with the Sate of California and US Internal Revenue Service.  The Foundation exists to further the charitable goals of the Foundation and the Association through community programs, scholarships, apprenticeships and mentorships, etc.

How does a Culinary Enthusiast member serve on the Foundation board or on Foundation or Association committees?

Membership as a Culinary Enthusiast member of the Chefs De Cuisine Association enables a person to serve on Foundation and Association committees. Members must be appointed to the Chefs De Cuisine Education Foundation board by a majority vote of the board.

What do membership dues pay for?

Your membership dues help the Association sustain the organization’s mission to empower members and supporters of the international food services community with professionalism, educational opportunities, networking, apprenticeships and certifications. The organization fosters integrity, cooperation and understanding through public service, student outreach, engaging programs, technological innovation and real-life experience.