Practical Exams for ACF Certification

Taking the Exam
When you are ready to take the practical exam for your ACF certification, you can either complete the Practical Exam Candidate Registration Form and return it to the ACF national office or register online.

You may be exempt from taking the practical exam. Practical exam exemption applies only if within five years, a gold or silver medal was awarded in an ACF-sanctioned F-3 three-course individual mystery basket or F-4 or FMH four-course individual mystery basket competition (formerly known as an F-1) for savory cert levels or FP-1 pastry individual mystery basket competition (formerly known as an F-5) for pastry cert levels with a 2015 to present date.

Practical Exam Test Fees
The test fee due to ACF is $50 for ACF members and $100 for non-members. Payment must be made prior to the exam date. You will receive a receipt after your payment is processed.
In addition, you must contact the test administration to confirm test time, host site fee and specific details about the testing facility. Test sites may charge an additional host site fee that is payable to the organization hosting the exam. Payment for any host site fees are separate from the amount due to ACF and are coordinated by the test site administrator.
Assessment Criteria
The assessment for certification practical testing is divided into four general areas: Safety and Sanitation Skills; Organization; Craftsmanship Skills; Finished Product Skills.
The candidate’s skills are evaluated during the examination period through frequent monitoring by the evaluators. The practical examination is scored overall as pass or fail. Points are calculated in various areas and a total numerical score is calculated. A total averaged score of 75% (75 points) or better is considered passing.
Become A Test Site
If you are interested in becoming a Certified Practical Testing Site, review the Test Site Requirements, complete the Certification Practical Test Site Application and send in for approval. Identify a Test Administrator willing to coordinate planning, set-up, administration and wrap-up of practical exam event. Job description can be found in the Practical Exam Administration Guide.