Join a Committee

Chefs de Cuisine members are eligible to participate in any of our Committees, Your participation is vital in making the chapter a success. There is no better way to get the most out of your membership while interacting with our members and making a significant contribution to the organization.

No matter which committee you choose, your efforts will be welcomed and highly appreciated!

Please contact Ricardo Santana (909) 518-9330


Chairperson: Calvin Herbin

Description:   The Visionary Committee assists the board with its responsibilities for the association’s mission, vision, and strategic direction.

Chefs Move to Schools

Chairperson: Educational Foundation

Description: The mission is to educate children and families in understanding proper nutrition, by providing tools and resources for community-based programs, led by Chefs de Cuisine Association chef members. Also, to be a voice of the culinary industry in its fight against childhood hunger, malnutrition and obesity.

Special Events

Chairperson:  David Chenelle / Educational Foundation

Description:  The mission is to help negotiate, coordinate, organize, and execute all aspect of putting together special events other than general meetings.  Reports back to the board as the process of each event evolves.

Committee Members: Ricardo Vargas and Ricardo Santana


Chairperson: Todd Bull

Description:  To be able to report out the chapter’s financial standing, and account for all transactions, membership fees, debts, sales, accounts, money markets of the Chapter. To provide a sign in sheet at all General meetings.

Committee Members: 


Chairperson: Ricardo Santana

Description: It is the responsibility of the By-Laws committee to review the Bylaws for the purpose of considering any additions and/or revisions that may be deemed necessary and advisable by the board. The committee is charged with preparing and revising the Bylaws, which shall provide the Association’s members with a detailed guideline for the accomplishment of their responsibilities, proper protocol, suggested methods, and standard operating procedures.

Committee Members: Robert Reid & David Chenelle


Chairperson: Open

Description:  To help promote continuing educational portion of the chapter.  Provide for an educational session at general meetings, and develop plan for the year.  Oversee activity pertaining to education for the chapter as we move forward.  To provide Continuous Educational Hours (CEH) certificates at sessions qualifying for CEH hours.

Committee Members: Todd Bull

Chef of the Year Committee

Ricardo Santana –
Todd Bull –
Mark Atkins –


Description: To plan and organize the Chef of The Year awards dinner. This committee is responsible for researching potential nominees for each award that will be giving out and put it out for a vote to our members. Also deal with such things as finding a venue, planning the menu, working on the script and timeline for the evening, reaching out to purveyors for donations, reaching out to fellow board members for support in executing the evening.

Committee Members: David Chenelle,

Marketing & Social Media

Chairperson: Open

Description of Committee and responsibilities: Currently facilitating inside, while driving new growth outside thru marketing avenues for the CDC AND CDCEF. This involves coordinating with current committee members, the communications output in our monthly stockpot, (both print and digital), creating and delivering social media emails, email campaigns, direct mail, brochures, social and educational events, and other publications and avenues of marketing for the association. Our committees manage and engage with FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM to promote and provide for our member’s updates and expand our new members while soliciting and connecting with social media sources. We focus on image and status within the community by using local and national media tools. We are responsible to market the association and its offerings to the culinary and food industry, in turn, helping and coordinating this info thru our website committee and social media outlets for the association.

Committee Members:



Chairperson: Calvin Herbin

Description:  Create and implement plans for the growth and development of the association’s membership. Carry out strategies to recruit new members and retain current members. Encourage attendance at association events. Seek member opinions and input regarding the direction, focus, and mission of CDC. Promote and achieve awareness of membership benefits. Be familiar with CDC & ACF membership policies, procedures, and resources. Maintain detailed and accurate membership records. Assist the Treasurer with collecting membership dues. Provide the Treasurer and Secretary with access to all membership information. Supply membership badges to new and renewed members. Create membership certificates for inducting new members.

Committee Members: 


Military Representative

Chairperson: Andre Harris

Description : To represent our chapter on the military side and be the bridge between CDC and all military personnel that has any interest in our organization . To help promote the awareness of our chapter and its benefits to any military culinary specialist that might not know who we are and what we offer. Helps communicate to the chapter as to what the needs are for military personnel and helps build the relationship between both entities. Keeps track of our military membership

Committee Members: Calvin Herbin

Junior President

Chairperson: OPEN

Description: To represent our association on the student level. To be the bridge of our professionals and student members. To reach out to students and report back to the board on how we can better serve student members. Reaches out to local culinary programs and educates them on what Chefs de Cuisine Association and its benefits are all about. Keeps in contact regularly with our student and junior members.

Committee Members: 

Sergeant of Arms

Chairperson: OPEN

Description:   To help keep in order and time at board and general meetings. Helps keep and manage our board and general meeting timelines that they run accordingly. Assist in keeping our board members spread out during our general meetings.  Monitors that all attendees at our events have paid and have wrist bands when applicable. Possesses chapter flag and banners and brings to meetings as needed.  The flag should be brought to meeting locations that do not have a flag on premise.