Chefs De Cuisine of San Diego Premier Trade Show and Culinary Bowl 2018
As the city’s oldest and largest professional chef organization, The Chefs De Cuisine Association of San Diego is proud to sponsor the upcoming Culinary Bowl 2018 at the Art Institute of California – San Diego, 7650 Mission Valley Road on October 27, 2018.

You are invited to attend and participate in our nationally judged Culinary Bowl. Attendance is free and open to the public
Professional chefs and aspiring local culinary students will participate in a day-long series of competitions more excitement and tension than any TV food show. Contestants will test their skills in a range of categories including hot appetizers, breads, hot and cold plated desserts and much more. This event is certified by the American Culinary Federation, of which the Chefs De Cuisine Association of San Diego is an official chapter.

Added attractions during the all-day event will include:

• A spectacular live ice carving demonstration
• The masterful fabrication of an entire tuna by one of San Diego’s top sushi chefs
• Revealing the delightful magic of cake pops
• Creation of a fantastic Spanish paella onsite, in real time, for everyone in attendance

5:00 AM – 7 AM, Cold Categories Prep (First Floor)

7:00 AM, Cold Categories Available For Judging (First Floor)

7:30 AM, Hot Food Categories (Kitchens 240 And 239, Second Floor)

8:00 AM, Doors Open To The Public

8:00 AM – 4 PM, CDC Membership Drive (Second Floor)

8:00 AM – 4 PM, Awards Display And Opportunity Baskets (Second Floor)

9:00 AM – 4 PM, Premier Culinary Trade Show (Second Floor)

9:00 AM – 3 PM, The Knife Sharpening Service (Parking Lot Near Entrance)

9:00 AM, Opening Introductions Chef Ricardo Santana (Palette Room)

9:10 AM, Cake Pop Demo Chef Antoinette Davis (Palette Room)

11:00 AM, Ice Sculpture Demo Chef Todd Bull (Palette Room)

11:00 AM – 4 PM, Food Trucks Onsite/GoGo And Urban Pizza (Parking Lot)

12:00 Noon, CDC New Members Induction (Palette Room)

1:00 PM, Whole Tuna Fabrication Chef Jeff Roberto (Palette Room)

3:00 PM, Paella Demo Chef L. West (Palette Room)

4:00 PM, Awards Ceremony (Palette Room)


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