Energy is typically a big expense for small businesses, but small businesses also have significant energy savings potential. Here are some ways you can better manage your energy use. 

  1. Don’t heat what you don’t use. This may seem obvious but it’s easy to overlook. Only heat the rooms and areas of the building which are in use every day. Rooms with low usage should have their heating turned down or off until they are in use. You can also keep temperatures low in hallways as they are not used for more than a couple of minutes at a time.  
  2. Motivate and involve staff. Encourage employees to brainstorm innovative ideas to cut down on energy costs. Having an open dialogue about the things that could be changed with energy use in your company can allow you to create an efficient work culture.  
  3. Schedule an energy audit for your facility. SDG&E offers free, on-site energy assessments to help find areas where your business can save energy. Learn more at com/BES.  
  4. Look out for small drafts that may leak air. Small drafts can result in businesses losing sometimes substantial portions of their heating and cooling costs. Proper air sealing of the work environment can eliminate those drafts.  
  5. Keep control of your heating. Keeping your office temperature one degree down during winters can reduce the power it uses by up to 10%. Consider purchasing a smart thermostat, too.  


By considering these steps, you could see changes in your energy bill. People often underestimate the little things they do at work, so promoting awareness about energy issues is important. Not only will you be lowering your energy bill, you’ll also be promoting a healthy environment within your own workplace. For more ideas on how to save energy in your business, visit sdge.com/business-winter.